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A Visa is a permission granted to a foreigner other than a prohibited Immigrant to enter and remain in the United Republic of Tanzania for the purpose of visit and leisure.

Any foreigner intending to reside in the United Republic of Tanzania for investment, business, employment or any other legal activity may be issued with a Residence Permit.

To be an efficient focal point for dynamic trade and investment promotion/facilitation by providing quality services through motivated professionals aimed at greater contribution to Zanzibar‘s economic growth and social well-being.

The Ministry of Finance is the government’s money administrator/manager. The Ministry serves the public as the supervisor of collecting agency, public investment manager, chief accountant as well as provider of fiscal relations and budgetary expenditure management.

The Ministry of Construction, communications and transport is composed by six Departments, Central Office, six independent Institutions Pemba and one Advisory Board. These departments include the Department of policy, planning, research, administration and Service, information and telecommunications, road transport and licensing, road construction and maintenance and the building Department.

The Zanzibar Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Livestock and Fisheries website posted for the purpose of providing Agriculture, Natural resources, livestock and Fisheries sectors salient issues to potential investors, policy maker, a private sector representative, importers of crops livestock & livestock by products and Fisheries, academicians, researchers as well as the general public from national.

The launching of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training Web-site will greatly help to provide useful of information on this development.

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) was established by Act of Parliament No. 11 of 1995, and started its operations on 1st July 1996.  In carrying out its statutory functions, TRA is regulated by law, and is responsible for administering impartially various taxes of the Central Government.

This Corporate Plan has been prepared for the period 2014/15 to now and it lays a foundation on how the Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB) intends to achieve its objectives and aspirations during the period.

The Zanzibar Water Authority (ZAWA) which was established under Act. No. 4 of 2006, is a semi-autonomous entity with the overall management of water supply services and Water Resources management in Zanzibar.

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The Zanzibar Bureau of Standard is a new standards organization which is established to ensure products produced locally for export or domestic consumption and imported for consumption in the country are of desired standards, meet the intended quality and remain safe while consumed both to citizens and our environment.

Zanzibar Ports Corporation is a parastatal Organization established under the Act of Parliament in 1997. In accordance with the Act. ZPC is an autonomous organization which is responsible for managing, Operating and developing ports of Zanzibar. ZPC operates under the Ministry of infrastructure and Communication.

The need to establish the department of statistics was realised during the preparatioin of the first theree year (1979-81) plan for economic and social development of Zanzibar.